Thursday, January 15, 2009

Petroleum Refinery Gas Burn Off Spectacular

It looks dangerous

Last week Rich was taking photos at a soccer game at James' school when he noticed a spectacular red sky in the distance. He left the game early and followed the light. He drove to the levee on the Mississippi River and this is what he saw. It was from a 'gas burn off' at a petroleum refinery. Word was that this was the most spectacular 'burn off' anyone had seen in years. My father used to follow fire trucks and take pictures of the fire where ever it was.

Is this a guy thing? Or is it human instinct to be attracted to fire?

like the end

and the beginning

and other worldly

Okay. I hear from Rich that this event was an EPA nightmare. I had no idea, but I think I could have guessed from the spectacularness of the sky. It is a reminder that "good" and "bad" often go together.

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