Saturday, January 3, 2009

Celebrating the New Year Louisiana Style!

Bobby Larson, Darlene (Grammy) and Brian Larson at Alligator Bayou

These New Year celebrations were eclectic! We had mom's kin from "the farm" here for four days. Bobby Larson (82) and mom (87) grew up together in Gray's River, WA where Bobby still lives. I'm not sure what he thought about the Swamp Tour on Alligator Bayou, the visit to the Rural Life Museum, or our New Year's Day dinner with Rich's students from Sri Lanka and Ghana, but he appeared to take everything in stride. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

On the Flatboat

The stark beauty of the bayou in winter

Me Cajun dancing with Jim (one of the owners) on the boat! Aiii Eeeiii!

Baby Nutria "Rich" with Rich on the boat. Notice the similarities-- those eyes and even the hair color

On the Alligator Farm

Before going into the enclosed walkway in the Alligator pen, Frank and Jim repeat the "rules" numerous times. These rules are so important they use a microphone. To my mind, the most important rule is to "never, ever put your fingers arms or limbs, etc. over or through the fence, as these alligators are conditioned to expect food from visitors, and your fingers "look like fat Vienna Sausages," according to Jim.

Being proactive, and thinking I will be ultra careful, I repeat this rule to Darlene, who says, "Of course," rather indignantly. During the course of the demonstration, where Frank dangles pieces of raw chicken ("Louisiana Sushi") over the fence and alligators jump in the air to retrieve it, I see Darlene at the far end of the walkway leaning over the fence to better see the show. And it was not just a finger over the fence but her whole upper body.

Look what was pretty damned close and below her...

Now that's a big gator

Of course, I screamed at her, which gave me a terrible reputation during the rest of the tour, with Jim, periodically asking mom if she wanted to "get rid of me" or "lose me" somehow...

They almost did leave me after we stopped off to hike and see some 1800 year old Cypress trees. But, I think that could have been a mistake... ??

Everything is beautiful in its own way, except for maybe a vulture

New Year's Day Dinner

The cook (of course we had beans & ham but the lawyer in me just can't insert the penny)

Darlene with baby Richard Kofi
Darlene and I saved Abena and the baby's life -- but they named him after Richard! Is everyone/everything named Richard?

Richard Kofi (7 months) and Abena

Brian & Bobby Larson and Abe Baffoe watching football

Priyan Perera has become an American Football fan -- move over Cricket!

Probably the prettiest PhD student in Sri Lanka
A pregnant Rangika Perera

Rich bought me a Canon EOS Rebel XTi for Christmas! So we both shot these pics!


  1. Quite different from our celebrations in the snow :-)

  2. Britt --

    To say the least! ha!



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