Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new word from my grandson and a visit from a long-time friend

Kellan's new word

My grandson learned a new word last week. He first verbalized it when he fell into the laundry hamper in his bedroom, face down, legs up, and couldn't get out. He, yelled, "Stuck"! Of course we all think that he is a genius. Yesterday, we wanted him to pose for photographs wearing his new poncho from our Ecuadorian friends. I got the poncho on, initially backward (bad Nena), which made him cry. Then when I got it turned around, he wanted it off. A lot of tugging and pulling didn't produce the desired results. Basically, he was "stuck." And he let us know it. Daniel blames me for Kellan's bad poncho experience. I mean, get it right the first time Nena.

A special visitor

One of Rich's first graduate students, Olivian visited us this MLK holiday weekend from Los Angeles, CA. He came here 12 years ago from Romania and has remained one of our favorite students (don't tell the other students that). Kellan liked him much better than Nena because he didn't try to force strange clothes on him, and let's face it he was a lot more fun. His height doesn't hurt his attraction factor either (we are a family of short people)!

What a view!


  1. My grandson or Rich's former grad student?

    Ha! I would agree on either.


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