Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Godfatherless Child

My Godfather Glen Osborn died yesterday. I had not seen him much in recent years -- the collateral damage of living away from home and kin.  His passing made me sad. I had numerous Godmothers. But, I had only one Godfather. He was the last man standing of that generation. First, Rich's dad, then my dad, and now Oz.

Actually, he was probably one of the last men that exemplified an era. He was an elegant man of only kind words and a soft heart. He loved the Lord, antiques, good food, his garden, a poodle named Missy Muffet and my (Fairy) Godmother, Win.

His name was Glen but I called him Oz and I'll miss him.


  1. ...I didn't even know him, but I miss him a bit too.

    Peace now.

  2. Thanks Miss Plume. I haven't been here lately because I miss him when I read this....

  3. Beautiful blog. Came accross it folloing Ed Cherlin's postings on olpc. Don't often do this. sent your url to mary lee shelton.

    george pope
    Kokrobite Ghana for a few more weeks,


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