Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breaking My Own Rules

This post is in response to Shutter Sister Sarah-ji's post on "breaking my own rules:"

Since I am so new to photography, I don't have many rules to break. However, when I shoot I am usually with my husband, an accomplished photographer, and he reminds me of the rules that I'm supposed to follow, like, keeping the sun at your back, and not shooting into the light. On our recent trip to Orange Beach, AL for Thanksgiving, I was loving the warm light of the fall sun and the effect of photographing my family by directly shooting into the sun, which created a sort of dream like state. At least I thought so.

I particularly liked this set of pictures because they show my husband photographing our son. So, here are my beach shooting-into-the-sun-shots.

This next set shows the beach at just a few minutes later, but with the sun to my back, like you're supposed to shoot it.

All on automatic ladies.


  1. the reflection off the water on the shots into the sun is excellent. but i do love the colors in the first shot with your back to the sun.

  2. your words and images are evocative.... thanks so much for sharing of yourself.

    wishing you and yours a year full of love + grace.
    happy 2010!!!

  3. Thanks Alicia and Delucca. Happy 2010 to you both.


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