Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Best Way to Lighten our Mood?: A Visit from Our Grandson

This weekend we received the first visit from our grandson -- unaccompanied by throngs of people -- that we have had in awhile. Before he got here, "we" (that is, Rich, Grammy and I) were totally agitated, complaining, tired, bitchy, itchy and scratchy. What I'm trying to convey is that we were uncomfortable for a myriad of reasons, some real and some imagined. Maybe we were suffering from some sort of spring fever.

I tried to tell this to Daniel, but I think I insulted him and Brandi by saying that we felt left-out of Kellan's world in the crowd that is Brandi's family. Rich and I are a family of few people. Rich and I only saw one grandparent at a time, and consequently, we believe, we became very close to them. Brandi is from a large family and is used to a crowd of loving people. It's a difference in family backgrounds. I didn't mean to upset anyone.

We just missed Kellan.

So, Daniel placated us by visiting here on Saturday with Kellan. While they were here and afterward, "we" were just so happy. "We" seem to operate as an ecosystem, like the spiders' many eyes, or as the jellyfish's many tentacles, or like the many leaves on a tree... if one branch is out of whack, the whole organism falls ill.

We certainly operate this way. When one person is happy, we spread happiness around. When one person gets pissy, we spread misery around.


So, after Kellan visited we were in a little bit of heaven (poor Daniel, I hope he and James don't feel left out).

I hate to brag, but Kellan is the most personable child for a 2 year old that I've ever met. He appears to be able to relate to people of any age, as well as to animals. Plus, he's so easy. My kids were running around in circles, and climbing on tables and roofs when they were his age. He eats almost everything. He likes books. He loves to go outside. He likes to take care of plants. Plus, he can now say my name, "Nena." AND he ran up and hugged me, arms wide open, the first thing he came in the door.

He is officially my favorite person.

Oh, and he taught Grammy how to use the Wii.

I say he's a social phenom.

Here are some pictures from the visit.

At this point, Michael is not entertained....

But, he is a patient cat and melts when Kellan kisses him...

Kellan is mesmerized and I think Michael is asleep...

Then Kellan works his magic on Grammy
Instructing her on how to play the Wii


  1. He is absolutely adorable! I am looking forward to grandchildren. Thanks for the Monday morning smiles.

  2. Yes, he's amazing. :-) He makes us so happy.


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