Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Trees that got Caught in the Power Lines that got Caught in the House that Jacque Built

The tape makes it look like a crime scene... We did have 25 deaths in Louisiana from this storm

On Thursday the power magically came on and we got internet and cable last night. As a result thereof, I am feeling a bit giddy. Like I'm living in the 1st World again.

(Okay. I know that the power did not come back on by magic. I truly appreciate the linemen and women that worked around the clock from a myriad of states to make this happen. Now I can understand the romanticism behind the popularity of the Glen Campbell hit the Wichita Lineman.)

Due to the switch from air conditioned environments (work, my mother's addition) to those without (our house and everywhere else) I have a gross cold. My lungs feel like they're growing the same mold that's creeping along the floorboards of my house and nestled in my bedsheets, which I have to launder today (note to self) so that I don't get full-fledged pneumonia.

I'm posting some pictures of our neighborhood so that I can preserve, for all posterity (mostly my family, let's be realistic) the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav (the under recorded hurricane of the century for Baton Rouge).

First, here are some typical pictures of the roads in many of our subdivisions, the day after Gustav (photo credits in this post go to Daniel Vlosky).

The intelligentsia will notice the power lines tangled in the trees and ask, "Why do they have above-ground power lines in South Louisiana?"

Okay. I'm not the only genius that is asking this question. So is our governor, mayor and my next door neighbor (still without power-- there's no comfort for him in the explanation that he's on another electrical grid...)

Here are the houses that got in the way of the trees that are entangled in the power lines.

You can see what 90 mile an hour winds can do. Just imagine the wrath of Category 2 or more

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