Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reminiscing: and trying to force things back to normal

My cousin Carrie Ellen

Me in the Nevada hills

My father with his Impala in Portland, Oregon

My husband Rich (R) and his older brother Robert in Pearl River, NY

After the last couple of difficult weeks (hurricanes and illnesses) I found myself reminiscing about 'the old days.' Specifically, this has manifested itself in a quest for all things 'vintage' (from my childhood), various purchases from etsy and ebay, and a thirst for pictures from days much earlier. This is very unusual for me. For although I was brought up with antiques, in my adult life I have never really been a buyer thereof.

I do think that vintage is more attuned to nostalgia, or a period you have experienced, and an interest in antiques is more about an appreciation for a history that you have not lived.

At any rate, here are a few favorite pictures. My mother contends that things were much simplier then. Were they really?

Even though I still feel sick, I cleaned James' room and bathroom as they were so disgusting (more bad parenting I'm sure). I just couldn't stand to resume normal household operations near those rooms of the house. I am making chicken Cacciatore for dinner and am happily setting the table with fresh linens and candles. Just these things have settled me down. I hear Rich upstairs playing guitar with Jim and Jonathan, James laying on the couch playing XBox, and my mother singing outside in her garden.

Photos in this post were taken 1. by my father, Lowell Ashbaugh, 2. my father, 3. me, 4. and Rich's father, Marvin Vlosky, respectively.


  1. Thank you. My father basically documented my early life. My husband has documented our later life.


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