Sunday, December 7, 2008

A few of my favorite things

My family loving each other and the beach as much as I do.......

My grandson being as fascinated by the water, waves, sand and shells as I am....

His hands

And feet

Beach grasses against the blue coast sky....

Shells, especially those that have been worn away by the sea and the salt...

Delicate shells that maintain their perfection despite impossible odds.......

When we arrive at the beach I ask my children, "and where did you get your love of the beach?" And they say, "from my mom." Then I ask, "and where did I get my love of the beach?" And they reply, "from Pappa." Soon I'll be able to ask Kellan the same questions. This trip he learned to say the word "beeeeaaaccchhh!"


  1. D
    These are some FANTASTIC beach shots!
    I may have to hire you to glean bits of shells for me on your next jaunt to the ocean's edge.

  2. Thanks Mrs. Plume. I just saw your photos from the hunt and there is one spectacular close up of a berry and some snow! I am just learning how to 'make pictures' as they say in Louisiana. Rich is working with me. He's really the master.




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