Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "Post it Note": or "Things Do NOT always Come out (Okay) in the Wash"

Do you see my Post-it-Note? It says "Let me hang--no dryer"

As another hurricane approaches us here in South Louisiana (Hurricane Gustav) I can’t help but ponder the ‘Post-it-Note’.

I for one LOVE the 'Post-it-Note'.

The ‘Post-it-Note’ might be one of the greatest inventions known to modern wo-man. I use, the yellow 2X2 ones, vociferously. Why are the standard ones, or the generic ones, if you will, the color yellow? I do not know. But, they are my 'Post-it-Note' of choice and are of great use to me.

At least I think they are....

Take my use of the 'Post-it-Note' to notify my family that they SHOULD NOT, SHOULD NOT, put various articles of my clothing in the dryer (too delicate you see, and/as I spend too much money on them).

It’s not like I expect my dear family members to hang my clothes on the hangers I provide (dangling enticingly on the little knobs in our washroom). It’s just that I expect the person who happens to wander by the washing machine to refrain from putting my clothes in the dryer, and to call out to me (“hark, mother (or wife) come and care for your clothes!”)

However, inevitably there is a “miscommunication” (one of our favorite words in this household) and my clothes are down-sized. See the picture above (I loved those pants from my favorite clothier: J Jill).

And I wonder what I did wrong?

I write my 'Post-it-Notes' in red and purple permanent markers (I TRY to leave nothing to chance) and I put them on the washing machine itself….

But, somehow my pants or other clothes end up too small for me. (To be truthful, I have a weight problem, but at least in this instance I am not the reason my clothes do not fit).

In one sense I’m lucky. I have wonderful family members, who all happen to be men, by the way who think it is their job to clean the clothes (among other things). They are: Very ‘take charge types,’ and little bit OCD…

But, I ask you fellow-women, “what would you rather have?:” Manly family members that help around the house and shrink a pant or two,” OR “men who don’t help, but you never have to worry about wasted money on (too expensive) clothes that shrink?”

I think you’d rather have great guys and a few ruined clothes….

(PEOPLE are more important than THINGS, PEOPLE are more important than THINGS, PEOPLE are more important than THINGS……)

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